Lawo’s vm_dmv is a true revolution in multiviewer technology. Leveraging the power of IP using Lawo’s advanced V__matrix IP video routing & processing platform, vm_dmv lets you build a true 4k UHD multiviewer that can easily grow and adapt to suit your unique requirements. Build a system as small as 24 inputs and 4 control heads, or as large as 768 inputs with 128 heads – and beyond.

The secret lies in the pairing of Lawo’s unique LiveView™ technology and V__matrix architecture. vm_dmv “virtual module” apps run on C100 blades inside a V__matrix rack unit, which accepts SDI and 40GbE connections. Combining LiveView™ with the ability to “cluster” C100 processing blades keeps bandwidth requirements low, while enabling incredible scalability. Need more inputs or more control heads? Simply load another vm_dmv module to increase system capacity.

vm_dmv is space-efficient, too. Each V__matrix frame accommodates at least two C100 blades, making it possible to deploy a 48-8 vm_dmv multiviewer system using only 1RU of space, for instance. And because the system is built on a true-IP backbone utilizing the ST2110 and ST2022 standards, you can build a distributed architecture, with V__matrix frames placed adjacent to source inputs and connected via Ethernet —instead of running cable bundles to the central rack room.

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